Summer Exhibition

Our Summer Exhibition includes a number of mid - twentieth century Scandinavian paintings acquired over the last few months, in addition to works by British painters Colin Moss, (1914-2005), Liam Spencer, Tom Hackney, John Caldas, (1934-2006) and Terry Duffy. Two rare paintings by the Canadian artist Caroline Helena Armington, (1875-1939) will also be included . Caroline and her husband Frank Armington, lived and worked in Paris for much of their lives after they first sailed to Europe in 1900. During World War One, the Armingtons worked for the American Ambulance Hospital in Paris; Caroline as a nurse and Frank as an orderly. After the war they travelled through southern Europe, and the two paintings in the exhibition depict rural scenes near Rome. Her untypical use of more simplified forms suggest the influence of the moderm movement on her painting at that time.

We will be adding further works to the website exhibition page over the coming weeks.

Price range: £350 - £4,500

  • Untitled, by Terry Duffy. b.1948
    Oil on hot pressed china clay board. 91 x 71cms.
    Signed and dated 1998.
  • Rooves, by George Spafford.
    Oil on board. 38 x 74cm.
    Signed GS.
  • Still Life with Fruit and Flowers by Colin Moss, (1914-2005).
    Oil on board. 70 x 90cm. Signed.
  • Landscape.
    Oil on board. 48 x 68cm.
    Indistinctly signed and dated 1916.
  • Factory Yard by Liam Spencer.
    Oil on board. 34 x 25cm.
    Signed and dated 2010.
  • Landscape, Roskilde by Thorvald Hagedorn-Olsen, (1902-1996).
    Oil on canvas. 70 x 100cm.
    Signed. Circa 1950.
  • Dagny and Bodil in the Garden by Thorvald Hagedorn-Olsen, (1902-1996).
    Oil on canvas. 58 x 83cm.
    Signed and dated 53.
  • Garden by Thorvald Hagedorn-Olsen, (1902-1996).
    Oil on canvas. 54 x 76cm.
    Signed and dated 47.
  • Flowers on a Window Sill by Axel Bentzen, (1893-1952).
    Oil on canvas. 70 x 60cm.
    Initialled AB.
  • Smokehouse by Viggo Rohde, (1900-1976).
    Oil on canvas. 70 x 88cm.
    Signed and dated 40.
  • View from Southern Europe by Caroline Helena Armington, (1875-1939).
    Oil on canvas. 62 x 78cm.
    Signed Armington, Roma.
  • View From Southern Europe by Caroline Helena Armington, (1875-1939).
    Oil on canvas. 60 x 70cm.
    Signed Armington '20.
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